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  1. _phant0m_

    Bug bugs

    So beds change your spawn point and leather armor breaks incredibly quick.
  2. _phant0m_

    Fallout 4

    So who's pumped for Fallout 4? I personally am interested greatly by it as it has voice dialogue from the main character. Here's the trailer for it if you haven't seen it yet. Comes out on the 10th btw though you can predownload it if you preorder it on steam now.
  3. _phant0m_

    Proctor Application: _phant0m_

    Minecraft IGN: _phant0m_ Position applying for: Proctor Age|Timezone: 17|UTC - 05:00 How long have you been on Herocraft?: 2 years almost 3. Why do you think you would make a good proctor?: I spend a lot of time on herocraft, so keeping chat nice and clean is extremely appealing to me. I'm a...
  4. _phant0m_

    Bug Death Chests in Nexus can't be opened.

    Died while in Nexus, proceeded to run back to death chest and was unable to open it.
  5. _phant0m_

    Guide Application: _phant0m_

    Minecraft IGN:_phant0m_ Position applying for: Guide Age|Timezone:17:EST How long have you been on Herocraft?:Almost 3 years. Why do you think you would make a good guide?: I've been on the server for a pretty long while and know a good bit about everything and pretty much already help out in O...
  6. _phant0m_

    Bug Symbols of acquisition unable to be transferred.

    The old symbols from before Kainzo changed the drops to the new ones will not exchange for me. It does not let me drag the new one into my inventory. Attached is a picture of the symbols i have.
  7. _phant0m_

    Bug Loot Crate II only gave consolation.

    I opened 2 crates the first gave a dark heart with a relic 5 while the other only gave a relic 5.
  8. _phant0m_

    Bug /titles then clicking remove all.

    Doing /titles, which opens a inventory menu, then clicking remove all does nothing and results in it saying You do not have permission to use this.
  9. _phant0m_

    Bug Witches giving full exp

    Witches seem to give full exp in dungeons. Also on the point of witches there completely useless in herocraft.
  10. _phant0m_

    _phant0m_'s Ban appeal

    IGN: _phant0m_ Banned by:@Admins honestly i dont know which now. Time of ban:A long time ago Reason for ban: Advertising Your story: Well i got on Herocraft after being gone for about a week and found that one of my [Bridge]'s was griefed so i made a PE and didn't know that i didn't need to post...