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  1. SoHighFive

    Bring back Personal Residences!

    I see that Herocraft is trying to make some changes to bring back the older feel of the world, but I haven't seen any talk about bringing back Personal Residences. First of all, not everybody wants to join a town. Without PRs you can't own a piece of the Herocraft world which makes it far...
  2. SoHighFive

    Guide App: SoHighFive

    Minecraft IGN: SoHighfive Position applying for: Guide Age|Timezone: 31/Central How long have you been on Herocraft? I've played HC for just over three years. Why do you think you would make a good guide?: People already assume that I'm staff because of how often I help new players and...
  3. SoHighFive

    Cruor- Brotherhood of Blood

    Mission: Our primary objective is to help all of our members to have the most fun Herocraft experience possible. To achieve this we encourage building community through leveling together, raiding, and group PvP experiences. This is the lore for the original Brotherhood of Blood for which our...
  4. SoHighFive

    Bug You can recall to a place where you have no regions.

    I believe that something has changed on this map. You can now recall to a place that you have previously /marked, even if you have lost regions there. I have not tested if you can /skill mark in somebody else's region though.
  5. SoHighFive

    Suggestion When two township super-regions collide...

    I've been studying the townships 3.0 like a madman for the past month, and I've thought of quite a few interesting situations that can result from it. For this discussion we are going to focus on the possibilities of what happens when a town SR (super region) encounters another town's SR...
  6. SoHighFive

    Bug My town regions exist, but the town doesn't.

    I recently created Lothair with some friends. You can check petition #2708 for coordinates/details. The councilroom regions are up and just fine. Hitting blocks in that area with coal show me the region information. I created the Tribe successfully and assigned permissions to a few friends...
  7. SoHighFive

    Suggestion Wizard suggestions- QoL buffs

    The highest reagent requirements. fireball issues, wasted sorcerer stats, and the feeling of fireblast. Wizard is by far my favorite class to play because of the high skill cap and diverse skills, but there are a couple of issues that have been driving me crazy. Please let me know what you...
  8. SoHighFive

    [Hamlet] Mith (Recruiting)

    NOTE: We are at max capacity right now and can't accept more members. You are welcome to post an app, and when we have open positions we will contact you. Mith is a fantastic town with many amenities including a well developed villager farm, Food farms, and a ton of members to help you get...
  9. SoHighFive

    New Requesting Member

    Additional Info: My wife and I have been playing Minecraft on a personal server with about 7-8 friends for the last 4 months. We have had a blast, but people are losing interest. I would really like to become a regular member on a large server where I can always have people to interact with...