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  1. __Mazerunner__

    Guide App: MoltenCore_

    Minecraft IGN: MoltenCore_ Position applying for: Guide Age|Timezone: 18|PDT How long have you been on Herocraft?: About 3 almost 4 years Why do you think you would make a good guide?: I think I would make a good guide because I know most of the basic important information that would help to...
  2. __Mazerunner__

    Bug Golden Tome Fragments Dropping from Farming with axes

    For whatever weird reason, im getting Golden Tome Fragment II randomly whenever i farm with my Efficiency IV Unbreaking III diamond axe. I noticed that it only happens when I use that specific axe.
  3. __Mazerunner__

    3 Year Title

    I received my three year veteran award on forums but haven't got the title, can I get the title ingame? my username is MoltenCore_ @Kainzo
  4. __Mazerunner__

    __Mazerunner_'s Ban appeal

    IGN: __Mazerunner__ Banned by: @Kenneth_Chow Time of ban: 12:27 AM Reason for ban: Accused of Speed hacking Your story: I was pvping with my townies and had a bard giving me accelerando throughout the fights. and the next thing I know I was accused of speed hacking and got for banned for some...
  5. __Mazerunner__

    Bug Cant connect to /test (5th day)

    For some reason my friends and townies are able to connect to /test but when I do /test it connects me for a moment then kicks me back and forth between /event and /test and I crash. This has been going on since about 4-5 days ago.