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  1. DoubleKiwi

    Concerning map wipes

    Map wipes are a completely necessary part of any large minecraft server, but that doesn't mean that everything has to completely restart. It annoys me that we keep no progress whenever there is a map wipe. I suggest the next time there is a map wipe, there should be a portal near the spawn for...
  2. DoubleKiwi

    Revitalizing pvp, and wilderness survival

    Ever since towns became official, pvp just kind of dropped off the radar. These days, you don't find people getting killed unless it's at an event, or two friends having a friendly joust of friendship. Pvp just isn't a viable way to play this game anymore. It's just a fun distraction from...
  3. DoubleKiwi

    Alchemists useless?

    Right now, alchemists uses are making chainmail, ice, grass, snowy dirt, and clay. With the updates, ice, snowy dirt, and clay will be able to be made by anybody. Snow golems can be made to run around on top of any surface and create snow. Clay will be much more abundant. And with the new...
  4. DoubleKiwi

    Mobs overpowered

    Hostile mobs should pose much less danger to all people throughout herocraft. It doesn't make the game more fun, it doens't make it more interesting, it's just tedious and time consuming. It doesn't take any additional skill to beat mobs with increased damage because there is no skill used to...
  5. DoubleKiwi

    Dreadknight complete revamp

    The dreadknight class is very bland, in my opinion. While useful, the dread knight just just isn't fun to use. While dragoons can leap several blocks high, rush up to enemies in the blink of an eye, or tank damage, dread knights can hold their breath extra long. Where paladins can set people...
  6. DoubleKiwi

    Earn money by turning off your towns protection

    I've always liked to believe that part of the reason taxes are collected from towns every week is to power the rings that go around the towns. This is just a fun idea that I came up with, but I think it would be really cool if a town could turn off their protection for a predetermined amount of...
  7. DoubleKiwi

    The Holidays of Herocraft!

    I was just playing Herocraft, while celebrating an obscure holiday I had made up right at that moment, and I thought that some in-game holidays would spice things up every now and then. Here's some of my ideas: DoubleKiwi's Double Experience Day: Just what it sounds like. Gain Double...
  8. DoubleKiwi

    Samurai abilites

    This isn't really a priority, but with only 3 skills, Taunt, Bleed, and Bladegrasp, the Samurai leaves a lot to be desired. I don't know if One just hasn't been put into the game yet, or if it was believed to be overpowered, but the samurai need it. In the case of it being overpowered, One...
  9. DoubleKiwi

    Turn on mushroom spread

    I have asked at least 5 times in /ch h why mushroom spread is turned off, and never got an answer, which is why, in the case that mushroom spread is turned off for a good reason, I am still asking for it to be turned on again. I think it would benefit everyone if it were turned back on. The only...
  10. DoubleKiwi

    Stone xp change

    Stone should get it's experience bumped back up to 1, instead of just 0.15. This would have been acceptable had caves remained useful, but now that the only way for us to find ore is strip mining, our main source of experience when mining is stone. With hostile mobs granting at least 24...