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  1. Farroes

    Ban Lift Reminder

    Just a friendly reminder that my 1 month is up in under 36 hours! I am looking forward to rejoining the population, and started my journey once again. A big sorry, once again, to all the staff, especially Kainzo. Sorry guys, I hope I can restore your faith in me.
  2. Farroes

    Farroes' Ban

    IGN:Farroes Banned by?:Kainzo Time of ban:10:00 Apirl 25 Reason for ban: Exploiting. Your story: I feel I should be made an example of. It doesn't matter how long a player has been a member of the server they deserve to be punished. What I did was completely unacceptable. I knew what I was...
  3. Farroes

    [Hamlet] Dawnstar [Not Recruiting]

    The hamlet of Dawnstar will serve as our kingdoms central political and financial hub. The town is made up of largely public buildings, as well as housing for the kingdoms elite and the kingdom guard. Main Features Meeting Chambers Vaults Market Railroad to Oblivion and Solitude Housing...
  4. Farroes

    Never AFK in Herocraft!

  5. Farroes


    my eyes.... they burn...
  6. Farroes

    Bug DTP Top Kills

    It seems the numbers in "/dtp top kills" are off. According to how many kills I have verses the top 8, I should be ranked number 4, but I do not even show up on the list, so I am sure everyone else on this list has a lot more kills then its showing as well.
  7. Farroes


    I am selling my Dragongarde plot because I havent had time to do anything with it yet. Bidding starts at 5000 coins. If you wish to talk to me in private about selling this plot please message me on the forums or pm me in game. Details: 18x18 plot size (black zoning) Great view of spawn and...
  8. Farroes

    Resolved Assassin Title not recieved :(

    @Sleaker Kainzo told me to tag you in this Mr.Sleaker. My kill streak is currently over 50 and I have not received the title as a reward. Screenshot as proof
  9. Farroes

    Buying Red Wool

    I need a fairly decent amount of wool for a server project, if you have any to sell talk to me in game or post here! could need upwards of 30 stacks.
  10. Farroes

    Spoutcraft Help

    I have been having issues with spoutcraft not loading chunks properly if I am traveling. Often I will only be able to see 5 blocks in front of me. Does anyone know what I can do to resolve this issue? I have read people saying that turning chunk caching off in the spout config on the server...