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  1. Punisher79

    Valyou3's Proctor Application

    HAHAHAHA!. Noob. :) Moved to the correct Staff App thread.. :D
  2. Punisher79

    Players "claiming" structures from Inactives.

    This is a reminder to all the players wishing to take over structures from Inactive players. YOU MUST WAIT ONE WEEK after posting your inital claim sign. Especially all you guys taking over the shops on the north road. Simply posting a sign stating that it is yours on such-a-such day is not...
  3. Punisher79

    Map update? Please? :)

    Can we have the latest map rendering please? There are quite a lot of towns NOT listed on the last one! :)
  4. Punisher79

    [CITY] Ironpass [33] - Good

    Next Tax Due Date: 8/01/11 Town Name: Ironpass Mayor: Strongholdx Second in Commands: Malphugus Official Town Banker: iHazBryn Location of Town: 0,800 Charter Signatures: 1. 2. Malphugus (GC Crafter)* 3. Ruethian (GC Rogue)* 4. Strongholdx (GC)* 5. iHazBryn (GC Warrior)* 6. 7. jwplayer0 (GC)*...
  5. Punisher79

    A sad day in Herocraft History. Aph has died.

    For those of you who did not hear. Apherdite has died. A small memorial service was held by her graveside. It was a beautiful ceremony. There was many in attendance. Turns out. Aph wasn't really dead. She just went AFK to go pee. Oops. Wraith of an Admin. But she...
  6. Punisher79

    New Update! 1.62

    Well, looks like Kainzo called this one. Logged in this morning at 5:35AM Central... Updated Minecraft .jar to 1.62 Kain tried to warn me... now ive gotta go find my old .jar file... :icon_cry: Heres a list of the updated stuff...
  7. Punisher79

    FYI, being AFK at Spawn spells your doom!

    Uhm... DONT go AFK at Spawn... or this could happen to you! First up, it took the combined efforts of no fewer than 5 players to push an IFK Admin into the lava. SUCCESS! But not without a few casualties... oh, and BTW, Admins dont die in Lava. But they do make a nice bonfire...