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  1. CrazySmokerDude

    Bug Bugs that are currently in-game.

    Ok, so some bugs might be known, but I wanna put it in the list anyway. 1. Endurance - when it increases by one or more points , you regen 1 mana per tick 2. Town channel - If you are in atlas, and another person is in dungeon nexus, you are not going to see each other's messages 3. Magma block...
  2. CrazySmokerDude

    Mod app: CrazySmokerDude

    Minecraft IGN: CrazySmokerDude Position applying for: Mod Age|Timezone: I am 22 years old and my timezone is UTC+1 How long have you been on Herocraft?: I joined first time 2013 and I haven't played it for to long back then, but since this map I really dedicated a lot of my time to the server...
  3. CrazySmokerDude

    Bug Endurance

    If I put one skill point on endurance or use blessing on myself im going to keep regening 1 mana instead of normal amount 3-4%, and no I don't mean by regening 1%, I mean literally 1 mana every few seconds. We need endurance fix and if it takes a while to get it fixed, can we get Endurance...
  4. CrazySmokerDude

    Bug Classes that I mastered

    So, the issue is that when I /who CrazySmokerDude it shows me that I mastered : Crafter Beastmaster Bard Barbarian Enchanter Miner Bloodmage I also mastered Pyromancer and Monk which doesen't show up, the problem is that when i use crystal knowledge for path to enlightened soul, it considers...
  5. CrazySmokerDude

    Bug Enchanter profession

    so people are abusing the enchanter profession as basically having 2 lives in PvP, they drop their enchanter lvl on purpose to 99% and uses shard to level up for full health regen, can we have a solution for this? I'd suggest to block using shards in combat simply(the minimum that can be done)...
  6. CrazySmokerDude

    Bug Disarming

    So, when you disarm a player and kill him while he's disarmed your weapon simply won't be in your chest, it will simply dissapear... I wonder if this can get fixed as soon as possible, because I don't see how am I ever going to use upgraded weapons in combat caz its to much of a risk to simply...
  7. CrazySmokerDude

    Whitelist appilication.

    Minecraft In-game name: CrazySmokerDude Location & Age: Croatia / 19 Previous Bans from other Servers (If yes, explain where/when): Nope. Referral(s)[Optional]: Have you voted for Herocraft (No? Click here)?: Yes I did. Have you subscribed to our YouTube Channel? (Optional): No. Have you...