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  1. Pancakeheroxii

    PancakeHeroXii's Balance Team Application

    1. Minecraft IGN / Age: 18 2. Position applying for: Balance Team (implementer or tester): Both. 3. How long have you been on Herocraft?: 4 Years on/off. 4. What's your favorite class/path?: Dragoon/Wizard. 5. How often and in what timezone can you test?: I can test pretty much anytime during...
  2. Pancakeheroxii

    PancakeHeroXii Build-Assist mod Ban Appeal

    IGN: PancakeHeroXii Banned by: @Kenneth_Chow Time of ban: 27/06/201713:28 Reason for ban: Using a Schematic Building Assist Mod Your story: Me and a few others used a Schematics Building mod to help us with a design for a building. I didn't realize that this was illegal because it in no way...
  3. Pancakeheroxii

    PancakeHeroXii Mute Appeal

    IGN: PancakeHeroXii Muted by: @Kainzo Time of mute: 10:40 EST Server/Channel: Global Reason for mute: none specified Your story: I said fix the lag and then jokingly said "#JustKainzoThings#" When someone said that it was on my end. I was just joking around. I tend to keep it light so I didn't...
  4. Pancakeheroxii

    Application For Designer

    1. PancakeHeroXii <14> Read Additional Info 2. Position applying for: Designer 3. What's your favorite color?: Green :p 4. Timezone: EST <Eastern Standard Time> 5. Previous work: I made the picture on the front page of the website for the new skill sounds and effects! - new picture i made for...
  5. Pancakeheroxii

    Herald Application

    1. Minecraft IGN / Age: PancakeHeroXii - 14 years old. 2. Position applying for: Herald 3. How long have you been on Herocraft?: About 2-3 months 4. What's your favorite color?:Green Mostly. Sometimes blue, depends on my mood. :notch: 5. Timezone (please use GMT if out of US): EST 6. Do you...
  6. Pancakeheroxii

    Mute Appeal

    IGN: PancakeHeroXii Banned by: Kainzo Time of ban: N/A Reason for ban: Cussing Someone Out Your story: there was this really annoying kid so i was trying to shut him up and i crossed the line. i think i should be unmuted because it was long ago and i have learned my lesson by now. i am very...
  7. Pancakeheroxii

    Bug Cauldrons not Working

    My friend PhantomWarriorA is an alchemist and when he tries to put something into a cauldron for mixing, it just bounces around ON TOP of the cauldron and nothing happens. HELP!
  8. Pancakeheroxii

    Mute Appeals (2)

    IGN: PancakeheroXii Muted by: Kainzo Time of ban: N/A Reason for ban: Cussing someone out in Tour Your story: There was this kid being very annoying and everyone was telling him to shut up so i just said something that i heard someone say on xbox that was really mean to get him to be quiet. i...
  9. Pancakeheroxii

    Whitelist Application For Pancakeheroxii.

    Minecraft In-game name: PancakeHeroXii Location & Age: 15. Lives in Ohio USA Previous Bans from other Servers (If Yes, explain where/when): None that i know of. or remember Referral(s): Cousin (Phantomwarriora) How did you hear about Herocraft?: My cousin told me about how awesome the server is...