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  1. Shadownub

    Suggestion Stop Ice Melt

    Hey guys, As some of you may have noticed, the scarcely populated northern side of the map is full of snow, ice, and one particularly large icey mountain. As a result of Minecraft's laws of torches, this custom designed mountain is vulnerable to torches and other light sources causing the ice...
  2. Shadownub

    For the Zeal Vets

    FIRST OFF, hi :D Been a long time since I've been around, thought I'd pop in and say hi. For the people who remember me, I miss you all except the Treepers (With exception of Ach <3) Anyway, I have exams coming up and need a new way to procrastinate - so memories of Zeal have been on my mind...
  3. Shadownub

    How 2 be pr0 forumz userer

    I AM READY! http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/188612 Watch or be strangled by Neotetro's long lost cactus
  4. Shadownub


    I think the title says it all
  5. Shadownub

    Suggestion Increase Mob Spawn Rate

    I'm not sure whether this is because spawners currently exist in the map, or I'm just unlucky - but it seems many others share the same problem. Seeing as under level 10s can't PVP and can only level from grinding mobs, we don't have MA's (Thank god, I hated MA's) and crafting/mining only gives...
  6. Shadownub

    Note of Farewell

    Ahh, where do I begin. haha. It's been a long time coming. A lot of you will have noticed by now that I've been gone a long time. Or at least, those of you who would have noticed were gone before my own departure. And I think it's about time I explain it all. It's been a long run, from Sanctum...
  7. Shadownub

    (W.A.K.A.) Goo'd :O [5] #w3w

    W.A.K.A. Walrus and Kangaroo Alliance ----------------------------------------------------------------- (PINK WOO!) Goals! :O - Target the Naughty - Quickly Dominate Herocraft's PvTC Frontier - Help the poor - Feed the bunnies - Spread the #waka Rules.. D: - Follow the server rules or Shadow...
  8. Shadownub


    Holy SHIT! @GreekCrackShot You have the best non-staff title in Herocraft known to man. Well done... How the popsicle did you get that many points. :eek:
  9. Shadownub

    Stumbled across this

    And lol'd. A lot. @Brutalacerate @Tafis @Texteo Poor eye...
  10. Shadownub


    Pretty simple issue, upon stopping the use of a bandage, the slowness and jump boost effects that are applied during the rampup time do not stop, and continue for another few seconds, although the heal itself is cancelled. I think this only applies to the Bloodmage variant of bandage.