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  1. Fire3

    Suggestion Herocraft Europe?

    I think it would be a good idea to have a second server located in Europe for all the Europeans who want to enjoy the Herocraft experience. Better ping for Europeans and more people online at regular hours. Twice the population would of course mean twice the trouble, so it's not an easy decision...
  2. Fire3

    Some Town questions

    Hey, I'm looking to start a town with my friend. But I'm unclear on a couple of things: * Can I just post a topic for our town in "Township planning" or does it have any requirements? Our town is far from being ready to be an official town (hamlet). * I know hamlets have a 4 chunk radius. I...
  3. Fire3

    Heroes RPG feedback

    Hey, I'm not gonna go too much into details as I'm still a nub as far as classes go, but here's some suggestions based on my impressions of the system. Streamline. Less classes, but each class has more fun abilities. No starting classes, just advanced classes from the beginning. Make the...
  4. Fire3

    Help with lag?

    Heya, MineCraft multiplayer has been lagging for me ever since the dyes update (1.3 I believe?). Tho, I only play on this server, so I'm not sure if it's because of MineCraft or the server. Anyway, any suggestions how to reduce lag while playing MineCraft to make it playable again?