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    Pillar Of Autumn [ 15 ] (Good)

    Members: Zakeko Highfidelety Solviet_Ryan ItzDexy Micdoodle Stevekeys Porkycain The_Sojourner WeblyScott DrMadFellow Rchsingram34 Vacantskull We are a hard-working tight net group of mature players who take pride in building and creating pieces of art for the HC world. Our core values are...
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    [Hamlet] Oricon [20] [Neutral] [KO] *RECRUITING*

    What are we all about? We're looking to build some core allies but also like to fight. Our main goal is to build up a stable economy while building some allies to help us through tougher times. We won't hesitate to help out a citizen in need, offering help in leveling and providing ample...
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    Idea for a mod?? Possible?

    I dunno if it's possible or anything about coding of regions ect. But I just thought itd be a amazing idea: Town mine zone. Every town has the option to purchase a set region for X$$$$. This region would auto reset(refill,re-roll) once a week for mining purposes. I dunno just throwing a...
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    IGN:Trioni Banned by?:Uknown Time of ban:Unknown Reason for ban:Completely Unknown Your story: Was Whitelisted around 3:30-4:00Pm Tuesday Jan 10th. Attempted to re-logg just now and its giving me the "are you a hero? get whitelisted" Msg. Please help I've not broken any rules nor do I plan too...
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    Trioni's App

    In-game name: Trioni Location & Age: 25, Bath Ontario Canada Previous Bans (Includes other servers): never been banned Referral(s): Reason you should be accepted: As an experianced builder i feel i will be able to contribute to the community of herocraft by building artworks for everyone to...