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  1. tourettes_guy

    Goodbye, for now.

    so, 5 months in on Herocraft. loved every moment of it, the people are nice the servers great and i have made many friends (and just as many rivals ;)) ive decided to go experience other servers so i will be gone for a while, if i actually mattered to anyone i put this up. Just in case :D...
  2. tourettes_guy

    A formal apology to Freakymerbo

    ok so im sorry for attacking you bro, i really am. i hope we can put our differences aside and be friends?
  3. tourettes_guy

    Arcane university, capture.

    i have recently stumbled upon this structure and was wondering who it belongs to. i have put up a capture sign as of 23/7/11. if this is yours please let me know and i will remove the sign immediately. thank you.
  4. tourettes_guy

    War: griefing

    if two (or more) cities are at war and one decides to raid the other and griefing is a result is that griefing bannable or is it counted as collateral damage (so to speak)?
  5. tourettes_guy

    whitelist application

    1. In-game name:tourettes_guy (inside joke turned username) 2. Location and Age:australia, 13 3. Previous bans:none (new to minecraft) 4. Referral:by MattMellander 5. Reason you should you be accepted:because i want a nice server to start out on (most of my friends play on this server...