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  1. greenman2288

    [Town] - Wyntervale -[Good]-[28]

    IGN: greenman2288 Age: 16 Primary Class|Level: rogue lvl 9 Profession|Level: planning on ninja; crafting lvl 10 How long have you been on HC?: about 2 days How often do you play on HC?: few hours a day, more on weekends Do you have TeamSpeak3? Are you able to use it with|without a mic...
  2. greenman2288

    [Hamlet] The Vigil [Lawful Good]

    Your Minecraft IGN: greenman2288 Age: 16 Past towns: N/A What do you want to contribute: My Minecraftical being to your town for the fun of the game. What do you expect from the town: a roof over my head, some protection, and meeting new friends. Alignment: Definitely good, helping when...
  3. greenman2288

    [Hamlet]Camelot{NOT RECRUITING}

    Name: greenman2288 Age: 16 Minecraft Exp: 2 years Herocraft Exp: less than 24 hours (yesterday & today) Spec or intended spec: Rogue as a Ninja, intention as a smith. Current level: 5/20 Rogue -- 9/30 Crafter What do you like to do: (be honest, you'd be surprised with what we...
  4. greenman2288

    [Hamlet] [LO] Rapture -24- Evil

    IGN: greenman2288 Age (the minimum requirement is 14): 16 Current Class (combat/profession): Rogue (planning on ninja) and Smith. Future Class (combat/profession): Planning on Ninja/smith Whitelist application link: http://www.herocraftonline.com/main/threads/application-greenman2288.33658/ Are...
  5. greenman2288

    Application - Greenman2288

    Younger brother, we typically play servers together for fun on the weekends and some afternoons on weekdays.
  6. greenman2288

    Application - Greenman2288

    Minecraft In-game name: Greenman2288 Location & Age: Michigan, 16 Previous Bans from other Servers (If yes, explain where/when): None Referral(s): None How did you hear about Herocraft?: A search for RPG servers Have you voted for Herocraft (No? Click here)?: Yes! Do you agree to the Herocraft...