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  1. Danielcanx

    2x Champion

    Missed you too wee woo
  2. Danielcanx

    2x Champion

    Coming back.
  3. Danielcanx

    Couch lets play again

    Couch lets play again
  4. Danielcanx

    Some Old Classic HC Videos

    Im planning to come back.
  5. Danielcanx

    Gravkoc PvP Tournament 1v1

    I'm hosting a 1v1 tournament . Prize : 800 c ( i might raise it ) SWORD OF THE SLAYER Write your Name : Class : Tournament time is gmt +3 : 23:00 pm 10.10.2015 After event there will be K.O.S Look_out event who ever kills the look_out will get extra prize . No...
  6. Danielcanx

    Im getting Tired of Danielcan

    Well you know admin's can check chat logs...
  7. Danielcanx

    Im getting Tired of Danielcan

    Every time i see you in o chat , you talk to someone in way of annoy , i didn't be an ass to your townies , we already fixed it with Nicole1551 , and if you are going to say authism is good , learn how to empathy before you speak .
  8. Danielcanx

    ALERT PVP Tournament #1 - Saturday(Oct 3rd @ 3PM CST)

    Looking for team , Max : Cleric , wizard , pyro , beguiler , necro , paladin , samurai , ninja , Bard
  9. Danielcanx


    What is your IGN (case sensitive)? Danielcan How old are you? 17 Time Zone? EST : gmt +2 How long have you played HC? about a year or so? Its been almost 4 years . How often are you active in game? I am online for like 2-3 hours everyday . What class are you? Cleric What profession are you? lvl...