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  1. MeganPerk

    death of healers

    When I first joined herocraft, all I wanted to do was heal people and help out. I very quickly realized that without any heals, I was an easy target to kill. I did little damage, but I could normally survive if mana permitted me to keep healing. After taking many a beating, I became annoyed and...
  2. MeganPerk

    Resolved Piggify bug

    Piggify Forces the target to mount a pig for 6 seconds. ^ this is what piggify is intended to do according to the wiki. Instead it seems to place the user on top of a pig, silence them from using any and all skills, and even sometimes bury them under the ground with the pig for an...
  3. MeganPerk

    Suggestion Must Have for Bard

    -Allow bards to play the disc music from a noteblock or jukebox while in hand -Allow bards to activate placed jukeboxes without discs -Give note blocks the same damage as jukeboxes and make them play their note when hitting an enemy
  4. MeganPerk

    Other way around. The green pirate giving me the cookie was someone dear to me on my...

    Other way around. The green pirate giving me the cookie was someone dear to me on my 1st/previous server
  5. MeganPerk

    Healer Viability

    Pray has (had?) a cool down of 9 seconds. It begins when pushed, but the 6 second ramp up makes it seem like only 3. Was made to prevent a quick cast bug I told sleeker about. May have since changed
  6. MeganPerk

    Healer Viability

    Current rampup heals have cool downs of 9 seconds. I dread to see how long these "high cd"s are
  7. MeganPerk

    Bedspawning & You

    I think that bedspawning is a great and wonderful thing on the game, but I also know that a lot of people abuse beds for both offense and defense. While having a bedspawn in your private home would allow you to defend your home, I also feel that disallowing it would make raiding more of a real...
  8. MeganPerk

    Ranger Suggestion Snare/Disengage

    Rangers have a wonderful ability to rip melee apart - arrow flurry. As well, I'm not sure if the people whining about rangers sucking at melee but raping from a distance realize that they are called "ranger" for a reason.
  9. MeganPerk

    Healer Viability

    I think having a combination of both types of heals would be nice, but healing as it is is a horror to play and gives more stress than fun.
  10. MeganPerk

    {Mod Suggestion- Smart Moving}

    dont have to make them all install it... just the ones who dont install it dont get cool stuff