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  1. Roshadus

    Gangnam style

    Just thought I would share. For me personally i was left with a feeling of what did i just watch and why did i kinda like it.
  2. Roshadus

    Going for a while.

    I'm just tired of herocraft at the moment so decided to take a break i'll be back probably near the end of September. I will still check the forums. and i will see you all when I get back. @Dazureus @Symbolite @TheMormon
  3. Roshadus

    Earpus96's guide app

    Minecraft IGN:earpus96 Position applying for: Guide Age|Timezone:16:eastern standerd time How long have you been on Herocraft?: almost a year now Why do you think you would make a good guide?: when i'm on the server i usually try to help in h chat and any questions people generally have...
  4. Roshadus

    need 1.0 folder.

    i acidentally updated my minecraft and i cant find a good minecraft folder so if any would care to help could anyone put a minecraft 1.0 folder with reis minimap on sorry if this is too much to ask.
  5. Roshadus

    happy new year

    happy new year herocraft wherever you are and thank you to all our admins and our founders who keep this server running thank you for everything yall.
  6. Roshadus

    dragons of atlantis

    I just started playing this game and was wondering if you all would be willing to either join the game. i think its fun. also i had planned to create a herocraft aliance.
  7. Roshadus

    mystery sign man

    um aparently theres a mystery sign man that posted signs along north road saying hi i think its funny and a nice touch to the north. what are your thoughts.
  8. Roshadus

    white list app.

    my in game name is earpus96 my location is richmond va. my age is 15 i have no bans because i have never been on another server. i have no refferals. and i should be accepted because i have been looking for a server like this and am truly interested. i saw it on google.