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  1. Roshadus

    Character Introductions

    Name: Roshadus Age: 34 Gender:Male Class/Profession: Wizard Appearance/Physical quirks: Roshadus is a gentleman with naturally Tan skin (Think Italian lineage). He has laugh lines and dimples, with thinning black hair and green eyes.. He's a bit to thin to be healthy and wears old black and...
  2. Roshadus

    Get your Forum Supporter Badges or Name Change here!

    My in game name is now Roshadus in game could I please have my forum name changed to Roshadus? Please and thank you. @Admins
  3. Roshadus

    Possible return?

    Possible return?
  4. Roshadus

    [Hamlet] PVE- Nevermore *[email protected]

    In-game Name?: earpus96 Why do you wish to join Nevermore?: Looking to get back into minecraft rp after being gone so long as well as knowing xexorian from back in the second map. How did you hear about Nevermore?: Looked at the townships thread saw xexorian mentioned How long have you been on...
  5. Roshadus

    [Town]SkyForge[98](Good)[Order of the Star]

    Name: earpus96 Location:Virginia, U.S.A Class:Caster(Can go whichever way the town needs) Past towns: Oakenshire Belegost Newerth What do you believe you can contribute to the town? I can contribute resources and I can design and build good buildings How often can you be online every day...
  6. Roshadus

    The Academy [Honorable Neutral|23]

    Well with the revival of the Academy I believe it is time for me to revive myself in Herocraft I can comeback and help where is needed. Its been a long while but with this revival I shall revive myself.
  7. Roshadus

    [Capital] Newerth [233] (v4.0) (OS) [Neutral] [Awesome] [**Recruiting**]

    In-game Name: Earpus96 Why do you wish to join Newerth?: I have been a town member of previous newerths How did you hear about Newerth?: Ive known about it since the second map. How long have you been on the server?: a year and some change. What Class and Profession are you or plan to...
  8. Roshadus

    The Academy [Honorable Neutral|23]

    Hey mormon Ive come back from my long stay away and i can get on on the weekends now so you can count me active again old friend.
  9. Roshadus


    Your Minecraft name: Earpus96 Your age:16 How long have you played the server?:A year and a quarter Your primary class and level: Caster level 5 at the moment just reset my character Your profession class and level: crafter 2 Do you have a microphone?:Yes but not always available Do you have...
  10. Roshadus

    Disposable Heroes GW2

    really? edit pm me too