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  1. Tyronus

    Elderscrolls online guild

    Will DH have a guild in elderscrolls online? The guild systems pretty cool and dh seems like the perfect fit.
  2. Tyronus

    Suggestion Resource pack!

    @Kainzo could you make it so the the resource pack downloads in the hub. Its so someone wont die too mobs when someone downloading the resource-pack! VERY unfortunate for people to die after having a long kill streak :P
  3. Tyronus

    Mute appeal!

    IGN:Tyronus Muted by: @Kainzo Time of mute: not sure i believe it was the 11th! Channel:several global channels including t, o and i think a few others! Reason for mute: Trolling bring up a something about a internet e-bonics... Your story: Stupid trolling..... I took it too far. I know what i did wrong! No...
  4. Tyronus

    Balance team app

    1. Minecraft IGN / Age:Tyronus 17 2. Position applying for: Balance Team 3. How long have you been on Herocraft?:little over two years! 4. What's your favorite class/path?:either Wizard or Dragoon. 5. How often and in what timezone can you test?:hour a day EST 6. What sets you apart from other...
  5. Tyronus

    "My 3rd ban appeal"

    My last appeal was my explanation for not knowing why i was banned and the first was the same thing. I still do not know why i am banned but Apherdite (how ever you spell her name!) told me it was from the ban from Kainzo saying that i want a map wipe! i was obviously trolling and trying to...
  6. Tyronus


    IGN:Tyronus Banned by?:I have no clue Time of ban: I have no clue Reason for ban:I have no clue Your story:I dont think i was banned.... i just know that i posted somthing about focusing on sports and stuff and a few days later i was banned! I was not on for the ban so i do not know any of the...
  7. Tyronus


    Can i please be rewhitelisted sence someone took the librity of blacklisting me. Thank you :)
  8. Tyronus

    Good bye!!!!

    I broke the addiction!!!! I have had a ton of fun with you guys i will for sure miss you <3. I will be on occasionally I just will go by what i feel like doing. i Have noticed that there is plenty of things to-do other than waist my days inside my house i am getting a f150 soon so i will be able...
  9. Tyronus


    IGN:Tyronus Banned by?:Kainzo yo Time of ban:Today Reason for ban: I stated that "there should be a map wipe" Your story: I was obviosly kidding. If it was said in a non troll way its my opinion. My opinion is not worth a 3 day ban that is extremely biased. I thought this was a proper server...
  10. Tyronus

    The Grey [Nuetra] [4]

    The Grey Members of the grey and there corresponding rank 1. Tyronus/Alpha Wolf 2. Wolfer396/Beta Wolf 3. OmegaInceptor/Gamma Wolf 4. Death030/Gamma Wolf 5. Rcconsuegra/zeta Wolf 6. /Epsilon Wolf 7. /Epsilon Wolf 8. /Sigma Wolf 9. /Sigma Wolf 10. /Sigma Wolf 11. /Sigma Wolf...