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  1. riche7846

    Semi-New (Played during 2016), Coming back hopefully after being unbanned

    Hey not sure if anyone remembers me but i guess i might be coming back! A little intro on me is that i'm a chill person who just likes to grind and pvp a bit, though i might come off as sorta cocky xD Hope to have fun with you all again!
  2. riche7846

    riche7846's ban appeal

    IGN: riche7846 Banned By: @Kenneth_Chow Time of Ban: 09/19/16 Reason For Ban: Alt account My Story: The "alt account" was my cousins account. During that time he came over and i let him use my pc for a bit. Afterwards i came on to tell my clan mates to add my cousin and soon after was banned...