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  1. AfroDave

    This is Goodbye.

    Goodbye Gabizou. It's been great to play with you on the server. I wish you the best of luck on your future endeavors! Just don't forget about us :P I'm doubt I will be able to forget you and all the time you have put into the server. So Merry Christmas to you friend.
  2. AfroDave

    Christmas Eve

    Well since it's no longer Christmas Eve... Merry Christmas!
  3. AfroDave

    Apply for add to whitelist

    It seems you are already whitelisted. I think Lastivity accidently put the second part of her post in. Well congradulations!
  4. AfroDave

    Omnitaco's Whitelist Application (R2)

    Just posting this to avoid confusion. You've already been accepted by Greek.
  5. AfroDave

    You know what I love?

    Agreed with the first part but not too sure about the second part. Mainly because proctors are a team so we don't really compete to see who's best. Also you are forgetting some people who would fit under the "best" category such as Brutal and Ginzuishou.
  6. AfroDave

    Anyone else in Boy Scouts?

    Personally I am In the Lord Mayors own and a assistant leader. Although I should be a Queen Scout this time next year when I finish my Duke of Edinburgh Gold. Also was anyone at the 22nd WSJ?
  7. AfroDave

    ALERT SHOW US YOUR FACE! (if you dare)

    Happy Birthday to you both!
  8. AfroDave

    Yearly camping trip: Fri->Sunday

    Please don't say that. They give up their free time to help out. And like all normal people they are busy with real life things as well ( Work, ect).
  9. AfroDave

    Yearly camping trip: Fri->Sunday

    Sounds great!
  10. AfroDave

    Raids Make Me Sad.

    It wasn't illegal to kill in towns last map. It's just there was a no pvp region so outsiders couldn't really raid as they would get lava bucketed .