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  1. AfroDave

    Away for a few weeks

    Hello can you all listen to it to this please, whilst reading? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DQI0pRytcfo Now I've set the mood ;) Lets get down to business .As some of you may have heard Im going to be inactive for the next few weeks. Why you may ask? The reason for this is because I have...
  2. AfroDave

    Single Player Screenshots!

    So I was thinking to myself "Why don't we have a single player screenshots thread?" and here I am making one. Basicly post your pictures don't hesitate! Feel free to add comments on people's builds for example advice. Post anything from castles to temples. So........ Have fun! Heres my...
  3. AfroDave

    Custom Mayor Titles?

    I have talked about this in-game but I thought I'd bring it up here. Custom mayor titles based on the towns govermant system. Here are some examples Chairman, Consul, Warlord, Dark Overlord. Of course I would say that the mayor would have to be of a certain town level to be able to have certain...
  4. AfroDave

    Pet Animals! Show you pictures of your Pets!

    Ok so I was talking to some people on the irc and I came up with this idea. Pets? Show your pictures I thought I'd get started with my lovable Cat Garfield(Yes i know the name.) Anyway post the pictures of your animals here. [/URL] Garfield : Milly: Fluffy: (Yet to be seen :O)