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  1. Sn0wBorn

    Lost Soul vs. Classes

    Yeah, when i joined during Bastion it was annoying to be killed at a lower level than the attacker, i made a small house a few hundred blocks from spawn before i joined a town to be safer from the noob killers. Joining a town or being with others is the best way to avoid this problem.
  2. Sn0wBorn

    Suggestion New Profession Idea: [Thief]

    I would say no to the speed skill, as it could give a pvp advantage, but other than that i like it.
  3. Sn0wBorn

    Suggestion Ranger Change

    Using gills prevents you from having to switch the item you are holding, it is a very useful skill if used at proper times. It would allow someone to keep shooting at someone who is trying to dive, and switching to a bucket would make a gap in shooting time.
  4. Sn0wBorn

    Suggestion Additional Class Suggestion: Frostblade

    These are good ideas, but will most likely never be in game, and also some of the skill are impossible to make. the summoner's mobs would be hard to make without them attacking party members and town members. while the psychic is just too powerful. the shadowdancer would let people be a class...
  5. Sn0wBorn

    Taking Suggestions for Quests!

    My idea is essentially a line of three quests where you can choose to help a necromancer or a guard captain. I will write more in a little while. quest 1: necromancer in need you meet a necromancer who wants to summon more than just zombies and skeletons. He asks you to find him 4 small soul...
  6. Sn0wBorn

    Bug Dispensers

    Try using a dropper instead, dispensers were changed to work differently.
  7. Sn0wBorn

    [Capital City] Newerth [71] [OS] [Neutral] [Awesome] [**Recruiting Open**]

    In-game Name?: Sn0wBorn Why do you wish to join Newerth?: I was in this town for a short time long ago, and it seemed like a fun town. I left because a friend from my previous town, Mineris, was making his own town. It also seems like one of the only towns I remember that hasn't changed too...
  8. Sn0wBorn

    Yay, Armor Ranting for magic, and rouges

    if that's all you said after reading my post, you did not read it at all, or you can't read. You just saw rooting in my post and said root doesn't work. You can also slow them with icebolt or blink away.
  9. Sn0wBorn

    Dev Notes - 4.91+

  10. Sn0wBorn

    Suggestion Chain armour for caster/Wizard/Rouge

    You don't have blink yet, I'm pretty sure that's effective