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  1. dmil23

    Town Falkova

    I am interested in joining your town. Should I message your ingame or elsewhere to join?
  2. dmil23

    dmil23 (:

    IGN: dmil23 Banned by: @TimForReal Time of ban: 26-02-17 Reason for ban: "Perm - Not to be unbanned." Your story: I jumped on the forum and saw a new map / classes were out and went to sign in to see I was banned. I'm not sure what I did to get banned since I don't remember breaking any rules...
  3. dmil23

    The Good People of Herocraft

    Tic: -JakeM56 Council: -PureBlood111 APPLY HERE! Age: - 1 Class/Profession: - None at all Are you loyal? Yes/No: - No What will you provide for the town: - I have access to a pet electro creeper, villager, and squid Will you be active? (If not explain why.): - yeah What's your prefered...
  4. dmil23

    Last Minute Notice: PvP Tourney

    Team name: Tree Creepers Team captain: @dmil23 Team members: @Graink @iHazBryn Team sub: @Hanpeter77
  5. dmil23

    Tree Creepers (26)

    Welcome to the Tree Creepers! Now that you are accepted you can never leave, your life will soon go down hill at exponential speeds, and everything you touch will die. I hope you enjoy your time with us on this map which I do not know the name of.
  6. dmil23

    {Sycamorium} Gravkoc [9]

    *Update* Due to recent TC tactics and updates, the TC Nation is temporarily disbanded. During our last meeting on 11/1/15, we agreed that there is significantly less PVP from the dungeon update, and we no longer want to fund the "free nation". Our original plan was to bring towns in who needed...
  7. dmil23

    Tree Creepers (26)

    I just collapsed the TC Nation so you should come back and pk some nubs with me.
  8. dmil23

    [QUESTION] Friendliest Nation Poll

    @Celvick To be fair I don't think 175 out of 200 some members even know that we have forums for this server. Many of our players in TC are about level 30 and below and don't even have their professions. We just thought this would be neat to see what the server thinks about the nations since...
  9. dmil23

    Tree Creepers (26)

    Who is this guy and what is he talking about?
  10. dmil23

    Tree Creepers (26)

    We are here to make friends and make a fun community.