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  1. macura


    Bring back DG
  2. macura

    A pvp ruleset server

    I just about came in my pants reading this. Also sup yall
  3. macura

    State of PVP

    Anyone wanna give me a rundown/start a discussion about the state of pvp rn?
  4. macura

    Return next map

    Make TC great again.
  5. macura

    Return next map

    Yo i may or may not be returning next map mostly depending on how many people are coming back. If there are other og pvpers still around/ who are debating coming back hit me up. Maybe we can make a town.
  6. macura

    Bug Skill bug [Dread Knight]

    So that is y fucking DK can aft with dread aura in dungeons.
  7. macura

    Suggestion XP Boost problems

    To solve some of these problems move xp away from power leveling and grinding and boring shit like that and make it about dungeons. By dungeons i mean things sort of like mob arena's (for those who remember them), but instead of waves spawning and a boss at the end, have a group move through the...
  8. macura

    Dingleberry [PVP]

    add me ese
  9. macura

    Poll: Who's all playing?

    mister miners
  10. macura

    Suggestion DOD! DOD!

    I........... Disagree. Honestly a lot of people don't play HC because they get bored because they don't have the time to level one, let alone multiple classes, especially now that tier 2 is coming out. Also overall playtime doesn't determine quality of play. People would have a better time...