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  1. ruethian


    As he sat at the bar he listened to the chatter flowing about the room. Gossip mostly, sightings of the outlaws that ambush from the trees in the north, rumors of an old power that was cast down in the past rising again, and rumblings about the new land that would soon be opened up for...
  2. ruethian

    woo airships!!!

    i made and then @Punisher79 came..... fyi private design map for me and a few freinds... (design it there so we know how to build it to look good on HC)
  3. ruethian

    Architect App: Ruethian

    1. Minecraft IGN: ruethian 2. Position applying for: Architect 3. Age: 18 4. Timezone (please use GMT if you live outside of the United States): Eastern 5. Hours/Week you play (on average): On a week of good internet connection: 50 or more 6. Friends in Herocraft: Punisher79, Strongholdx...
  4. ruethian


    Hey guys, @Punisher79 is trying to gather a group of warriors to carry the DH control over into the Battle Field 3 for xbox live world. If your interested in joining the crew say something or contact him. We plan on playing as a team as often as possible, so we can learn to work together and...
  5. ruethian

    Honorable Killing

    Simple suggestion. I find it very unsporting for a level 40 speced player to go around and massacre level 10 noobs to gain experience. Realisticly if you were a master of the sword and you cut down an 8 year old child you will have learned nothing from the fight. I suggest a changed in the...
  6. ruethian

    Multiverse Suggestion

    I know that the multiverse plugin is not working and/or not implemented right now, but when it does get implemented again I had an idea for a way to use it. Right now our only map contains all aspects of our game. New players join and begin their new lifes, avid pvp'rs roam the map, great...
  7. ruethian

    technical issue

    So im having a slight tech issue here. When i attempt to log into herocraft i get to the "downloading terain" part of loggin and then i get connection reset. Yes i have tryed several times over the last 2 hours. nothing i try seems to work. Any ideas?
  8. ruethian

    [Web Site - Conversations] Fast way to leave conversations

    So I was looking around on the forum today and I found out that I have 9 pages of conversations. I figured that since I don't use any of them and most are from the old forums that I would remove them. The only way that I seem to be able to leave them is to open each individually and leave...
  9. ruethian

    Aph's compass

    So aph was running around and all of a sudden she dc'd from the game and this spawned neerby... The compass points at me as i run around it...
  10. ruethian

    computer specs

    So i'm trying to get a new desktop computer before I go to college. I'm wondering what kind of specs you guys sugest for a gaming computer. Thanks