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    Fuck you man

    Fuck you man
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    A fallen Herocrafter - GaidenFocus

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    where all the oldfags at

    where all the oldfags at
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    Some Old Classic HC Videos

    I always check back every now and then.
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    wya matt

    wya matt
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    Hi, you're all beautiful

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    What's your FPS?

    I don't know how that correlates with me saying vista sucks.
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    What's your FPS?

    ew, vista. what the fuck.
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    What should I master into?

    I think I fucked myself. I mastered into Dragoon without spending any attribute points. Did I just lose all of them for no reason?
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    What should I master into?

    So... I'm a level 20 Lost Soul and I don't really know what to choose. I haven't spent ANY attribute points by the way, will I keep them if I master? I don't know what to spend them in. I can't decide whether to go Dragoon (Mobility), Wizard (Teleporting to spawn), or maybe another class? Any...