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  1. Sn0wBorn

    Suggestion Mason Skill Ideas

    Right now mason isn't a very useful class to play as. All you can do is make lifts and other ICs that are only useful for towns and guilds. So, I thought of some new skills Refine Stone: 15s cd and 20 mana cost (not sure about numbers) You turn 16 cobblestone into 16 smooth stone Sell...
  2. Sn0wBorn

    Bug Quests not working

    The missing brother quest and some of the other quests are not working. When you walk up to the quest giver they do not give out the quest and right clicking does not work either.
  3. Sn0wBorn

    Can't decide between dread knight or samurai.

    I have looked at both of these classes a ton of times on the wiki but I still cannot decide which one to choose I think it would be good to hear from the rest of the players and help me decide.
  4. Sn0wBorn

    Sn0wBorn whitelist application

    Minecraft In-game name:Sn0wBorn Location & Age:washington, age 13 Previous Bans from other Servers (If Yes, explain where/when):I have one previous ban because I was very stressed out and went on a server and punched a few blocks, the owner got angry and I begged him not to ban me, but he did...