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  1. Leeness

    Bug Ancient runestones don't stay with you on death.

    Ancient runes will not stay in your inventory if you die and have a death chest spawn, it will go to the chest instead. If you die and your death chest can't spawn, it will stay with you, like it's meant to.
  2. Leeness

    Suggestion More engineer Door/Bridge materials

    I know the reasoning for so little, so this suggestion will be very simple, basic blocks. Currently with a door you can only use Cobblestone, wooden planks, and double stone slabs. (From what I have tested) Additional materials I would like to see included on this list would be: Stone Glass...
  3. Leeness

    Suggestion Ingot blocks back to ingots, or not at all.

    See - http://herocraftonline.com/main/threads/smith-miner-restriction-on-ingot-blocks-back-to-ingots.53308/ Perhaps users who have no permission to uncraft an ingot block, shouldn't be able to make it in the first place. There has been frustration already brewing up trying to get ingots that...
  4. Leeness

    Not a Bug Smith/Miner restriction on ingot blocks back to ingots.

    I was making everything into blocks for storage purposes. Little did I know when I wanted to use some iron for pickaxes, I needed to be smith/miner to get the ingots back from it. :( Is this intentional? I know using the ingots to make armour/dia/gold tools is meant to be restricted, but...
  5. Leeness

    45 Stacks of Leather

    That's 40c/stack if you purchase it all at once. Else 55c/stack. I need to get rid of it all. SOLD to Diffuse Mormon - 2
  6. Leeness

    Bug Trade system - Right click players.

    If a users inventory is full, that the items are going into, the item will just vanish. Luckily it wasn't too expensive :P
  7. Leeness

    Bug /skill flyingkick

    It's meant to silence for 2 seconds.. But by the time they hit the ground it says that they are no longer silenced. (they only go up 2-3 blocks). - Needs further testing, could be lag related. Though the skill seems useless as it is. How many blocks high is the target meant to go?
  8. Leeness

    Bug /skill light

    When using light, if you mine/left click at an angle of roughly 45 degrees or higher (aiming at blocks in a downward direction) the glowstone will disappear. Really annoying whIle mining.
  9. Leeness

    Bug /skill summonmooshroomcow

    That skill is currently set as /skill summonmushroomcow and /skill musroomcow. Description is Mooshroomcow Has caused slight confusion.
  10. Leeness

    Tripple kill with TNT!!

    I don't want to switch from Miner now. This is too much fun. Gotta watch it ALL and the in-game chat. http://youtu.be/HnN0VZtoXEI @Amyispreditor22 @PCmonkey11 @Flippintuna1 @jazza411 @dils1 @Barnubus @FalseLuck @icy125