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  1. Shadownub

    Some Old Classic HC Videos

    Man, you guys make me feel so old!
  2. Shadownub

    Suggestion Stop Ice Melt

    Thanks Kain <3
  3. Shadownub

    Thalassa: City of the Sea

    1. IGN: Shadownub* 2. Age|Timezone: 18 | GMT + 10:00 (Australian EST) 3. How long have you played Herocraft?: 5 years 4. Combat Class+Level: Disciple, 15 5. Why do you want to join Thalassa?: I like the sea and want somewhere calm to settle down and call a home. 6. Why should we let you join...
  4. Shadownub

    Suggestion Stop Ice Melt

    Hey guys, As some of you may have noticed, the scarcely populated northern side of the map is full of snow, ice, and one particularly large icey mountain. As a result of Minecraft's laws of torches, this custom designed mountain is vulnerable to torches and other light sources causing the ice...
  5. Shadownub

    ALERT The Final Stand - New Era/Map Reset

    It's been a while since I've been excited for a Minecraft server release, but there was never really a server I enjoyed more than HC. A lot of things killed HeroCraft for me; the release of mob arenas effectively culling activity in the wild (grinding was pretty rough back then though), the...
  6. Shadownub

    get on skype you potato cake

    get on skype you potato cake
  7. Shadownub

    Freepers {Evil}

    Happy to come chill now and then but the server has like 10-15 online during OCE prime time >:
  8. Shadownub

    What League are you aiming for?

    Plat II with D3 MMR this season, aiming for Diamond II-Challenger for S5.
  9. Shadownub

    Freepers {Evil}

    We have not spoken for long, children of Zeal. Do the Freepers still live?
  10. Shadownub

    [Hamlet] EmberHollow [Neutral] {9}

    IGN: Shadownub Do you have teamspeak and a working mic: Nope Spec/Profression: Unspec'd, Crafter 5 Additional Info: I am your father.