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  1. Apherdite

    ALERT Season 1: Clans & Conquest

    Hello Heroes! As promised, Clans & Conquest Season 1 begins today! Join a clan today and test your mettle against other clans in King of the Hill style battle! Top clan and top PvPer at the end of Season 1 will get special rewards! These will be announced as the season progresses. You can...
  2. Apherdite

    ALERT Supporter Launch Promotion!

    Greetings Heroes! As you all know, our complete Network Revamp occurred yesterday evening. We are have been working tirelessly to fix any and all issues, and thank you all for your continued patience while we make necessary changes and hotfixes! If you encounter any bugs, please create a bug...
  3. Apherdite

    Reddit Screenshot Contest Winners!

    First off let me apologize for being so, so late on this. Secondly, a big thank you to everyone that participated - you're my new favorites :P jk I don't play favorites. <3 Anyways... There were several beautiful screenshots submitted and one weird one by Ellron... If you non-redditing users...
  4. Apherdite

    Elder Scrolls Online Beta

    Hey pipples! So... I have been participating in the ESO beta for several months now, and I just wanted to see who else was invited and planned on playing in the upcoming beta weekend? It seems like it will be fun and I'm excited to see how the game is coming along!
  5. Apherdite

    HC Reddit Screenshot Contest

    Herocraft Online Entertainment presents the Reddit Halloween Screenshot Contest Da Rules: All submissions must be posted on the HerocraftOnline subreddit: /r/HerocraftOnline It must be Minecraft themed [Halloween submissions get bonus points], and it must be from the Herocraft RPG server - may...
  6. Apherdite

    ALERT Herocraft Minecon T-Shirts!

    As Minecon draws near, our one and only Xanipher cooked up a beautiful Herocraft - Minecon Logo that looks just fab on T-shirts. This logo is available for use for anyone who wants to use it to buy their own T-shirts and show your love of Herocraft. This is the logo - pretty great, right...
  7. Apherdite

    ALERT New Map FAQ

    Q: Is there a map wipe? A: Yes! The tentative date for the new map is October 4, 2013. Q: I thought that it was supposed to be October 1, 2013, what happened? A: We at Herocraft Online Entertainment strive to create the most immersive and enjoyable experience; in order to achieve that goal, we...
  8. Apherdite

    AMAA Apherdite

    Hey guys, I have been seriously out of the loop for a while finishing school and finding a job and getting my adult life started haha... But I'm back! And I saw that Danda and Gab and Shadow did AMAs and I figured I may as well do one... if people are interested. So I'm here all night, feel free...
  9. Apherdite

    Big Thread of Books!

    * BOOKS * I don't think there's one of these yet... so here it is! This is a place you can come to rave about great books you've read or to find new books to discover! I just finished the book: Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card and it was an amazing adventure that I really couldn't put down...
  10. Apherdite

    Oh Right, MIA a while

    Hello lovelies. I will be MIA for roughly the next 10 weeks soes that I can graduate from College! I'm taking a wealth of very difficult classes at a rate about 4x the normal, so no computer for me... well other than facebook stalking. I can't go without stalking. So the next time you all see...