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  1. Troppics

    Bug Cannot PM certain forum members

    It is seemingly random but I cannot message certain people on the forums.. An example of this is when I tried to send a PM to: zacka123321 I was just told... "Participants: You may not start a conversation with the following recipients: zacka123321." Not sure what else there is to say.
  2. Troppics

    So what did Santa get you this year?!

    "He sees you when your hacking, He listens to your TS3, So if you didn't save his presents, Don't be expecting me!" (Here is a picture I managed to snap of Santa and Rudolf) For all my hours of effort I got 5 ice and 3 plants.. Pretty dope right? So.. What did Santa get you this year?
  3. Troppics

    Tectum Grotto ♦-RECRUITING-♦ PVP

    Tectum Grotto "Home of Heroes" Synopsis Hidden in the lush green pastures of Herocraftia is Tectum Grotto.. Tectum Grotto is home to some of the most talented and enthusiastic players on all of Herocraft, with years of experience on several maps. It is this enthusiasm that has driven the...
  4. Troppics

    Suggestion Please allow Chest Organiser Mods!

    So as you may be aware Chest Organiser mods are not legal mod on Herocraft! WHY!? I really do miss having all my chests organised using mods such a Inventory Tweaks. I was just so satisfying to see all of my chests perfectly in place with everything lined up how I love it. From what I...
  5. Troppics

    WTS Troppics's Chainmail Hut

    Troppics's Chainmail Hut "Every great hero needs some armor to watch his back when he cant!" Check out my Chainmail Hut today for all your chainmail needs, located in the convenient location at the very top of NORTH ROAD (0 , -400) SPECIAL PROMO At the Chainmail hut I have an 'always full'...
  6. Troppics

    Bug Minecraft Crashing next to Exchange

    So I have found out that whenever I approach within 50 blocks of the Soul Exchange my Minecraft will crash.. This happens very consistently, and is getting very annoying. I dont think this is a global problem for other players but it is definitely very annoying. Does anyone know if there is...
  7. Troppics

    Bug Inventory not dropping post PvP log?

    So I was messing around with townies hitting each other... Suddenly my client crashed as a got hit causing me to combat log. I died instantly and I didn't drop any items at all :(
  8. Troppics

    [Hamlet] Burgundia *RECRUITING*

    Burgundia "Home of Heroes" ````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````` Why Burgundia? Community - Burgundia has a fantastic community of passionate players waiting for you to join them, we have several members who are constantly active in Teamspeak. We believe that...
  9. Troppics

    Troppic's Ban Appeal 2

    IGN: Troppics Banned by: gabizou Time of Ban: 3rd April 2013 Your Story: Almost two months ago I got banned from Herocraft for abusing the vote system. Pretty much, long story short. I was on Herocraft minding my own business and then I see loads of people voting with a load of troll...
  10. Troppics

    Troppics's Ban Appeal

    IGN: Troppics Banned by: Kainzo I think? Time of ban: 3rd April 2013 (approx) Reason for ban: Abuse of vote system Your story: So I was there playing Herocraft, until I see some unusual people voting in chat. On further investigation, it turns out that you could vote with fake names and they...