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  1. The_Player_189

    Thinking about playing again but I need some help!

    The last time I played was on dragonarde with nuclear and stuff. I would like it if someone would inform me how everything works again and what to do and when the next map reset will be, I might gather a bunch of friends to do this with me and make a huge kingdom/town later on.
  2. The_Player_189

    The_Player_189 ban appeal

    IGN: The_Player_189 Banned by: @Kainzo I think my memory of who banned me is pretty black. Time of ban: don't know somewhere in late 2012? Reason for ban: fly hacking Your story: Well I was "Fly hacking" in your minecraft server and I don't know how that occurred but it was probably because I...
  3. The_Player_189

    Counterstrike: source

    anyone wanna play? :)
  4. The_Player_189

    Banned for illegal mods?

    IGN: The_Player_189 Banned by?: ?? Time of ban: Yesterday, I believe. Reason for ban: Illegal mods Your story: I don't use illegal mods on herocraft, I think I was ban for talking about illegal mods in elite chat yesterday. I didn't mean to talk about illegal mods and I am a legit player...
  5. The_Player_189

    MobArena - Do you want to hire a healer to help you LEVEL!?

    _________________________________________________________________ Hi, I'm offering to do MobArena and heal for you + help you gain levels today. _________________________________________________________________ I'm a 55 cleric and have GroupHeal - Chant - Might - Pray - Bandage - Invuln -...
  6. The_Player_189

    SHOW US YOUR VALUABLES (if you dare)

    Let me start. :D - POST BELOW -
  7. The_Player_189

    Hahahaha I love this guy

    This guy named imMRteddy has hilarious videos, ahahahahha. Here is one of his videos :P
  8. The_Player_189

    Suggestion Ninjas & thieves with despair?

    Ninjas and Thieves with Despair? In my honest opinion Ninjas and Thiefs would be better with despair. Reasons why? [Ninja] 1. Ninjas are made to be invisible and quick, despair would fit ninja because it would help the ninja to be more invisible and able to escape targets more...
  9. The_Player_189

    Selling alchemy goods!

    The shop of wonders... ___________________________________________________________________ Hi, I'll be selling alchemy goods!... I sell cheap alchemy goods and I mean CHEAP to anyone (Enemies and randoms - no problem.. this is trade not pvp!) I'll be selling (Potions - Chainmail - and other...
  10. The_Player_189

    Icearrow glitch? Dx