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  1. donnymeyer

    Suggestion Trade Caravans

    Depending on how horses work in the future, i had an idea that could possibly magnify trade in herocraft. what if, instead of a lone merchant walking to (insert location of chestshop here) from ( insert town name here), maybe, there could be a group of people that could carry many more items...
  2. donnymeyer


    if i master it, can i spec to a vampire or something? just wondering, never asked
  3. donnymeyer

    Suggestion Kingdoms/Towns

    this idea will probably be disagreed with quickly, but here it is: rather simple, just raise the cost (and requirements) of towns,cities, etc. and lower the cost and requirements of kingdoms. less random towns, more organized civilizations. i doubt this will be effective, but still its an idea...
  4. donnymeyer

    [township app] Oslo (19+3) {Democratic-Socialist} RECRUITING!

    Town Information: Oslo will run similar to most towns, but we believe in general welfare, so there will be two cumulative banks: one for gold, which will be collected,sold, and put in the town treasury, and coin, which will be collected and redistributed. all decisions in the town will be voted...
  5. donnymeyer

    New town threads

    where should they be posted?
  6. donnymeyer

    Rangers and Cats

    3 questions: 1. will rangers get cats? 2 if they do get cats, what level will they get cats? 3. how much damage will cats do?
  7. donnymeyer

    flint as a rogue weapon?

    since rogue has a unique fighting stile, i thought they should have a unique weapon- flint. it shouldn't do major damage, maybe 6-4hp.
  8. donnymeyer

    Rogue suggestions

    considering rogues have an unusual fighting style, it calls for unusual skills chokewire- consumes 1 string- does 3hp dammage as long as the caster stays within 2 plocks fo the target stab consumes one flint- does 6hp initally, 1hp bleed every 2 seconds for 15 seconds
  9. donnymeyer

    need a town for the next map?

    http://herocraftonline.com/forum/index.php?threads/planned-town-oakvale-neutral-democracy-1-recruiting.11503/ netural town that needs an SiC and Council. democratic, the citizens vote for the council members. apply today!
  10. donnymeyer

    (planned town) Acadia (neutral) (4+2) town on next map

    the town was shut down, all citizens are invited to Lightforge, message me if you're interested.