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  1. donnymeyer

    ALERT Minecraft 1.7 and Herocraft!

    trust me, from the few times i spoke to kain about melonmancer SHIT WAS SERIOUS.
  2. donnymeyer

    ALERT On Oct 4th, 7PM CST: Herocraft Reborn!

    What texture pack was used for the pictures of the spawn area? (or whatever those buildings were, maybe not the spawn??
  3. donnymeyer

    dont tell me... that the great haxnn has gone inactive!?

    dont tell me... that the great haxnn has gone inactive!?
  4. donnymeyer

    Suggestion Trade Caravans

    Depending on how horses work in the future, i had an idea that could possibly magnify trade in herocraft. what if, instead of a lone merchant walking to (insert location of chestshop here) from ( insert town name here), maybe, there could be a group of people that could carry many more items...
  5. donnymeyer

    Who is Your Favorite Player That Doesnt Play Anymore?

    noone cares about me </3
  6. donnymeyer


    2.6 exp /mob kill? i should become a vampire for this...
  7. donnymeyer


    exactly why im using it. this way, if i (somehow master the class, i'll feel accomplished that i mastered the class that wasn't meant to be played. and since your clearly wondering by now, i am in fact brain dead.
  8. donnymeyer


    no specs at all? eh what the hell, ill still try and master it.
  9. donnymeyer


    if i master it, can i spec to a vampire or something? just wondering, never asked
  10. donnymeyer

    Horses Discussion

    with the new addition of horses in MC, would a new horseman path be possible to add on the server?