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  1. FrozenAshes_

    Suggestion EXP Boost Timer

    You are a Wise one, young Scycor. With great Ideas indeed. You have my vote. This is a BEAST idea!
  2. FrozenAshes_

    Happy Birthday to me. Woo

    Happy Birthday to me. Woo
  3. FrozenAshes_

    Suggestion Stop The Suicide!

    Im all in with that 1.5 second safe fall with blink. That would come extremely useful for a clumsy Wizard such as myself, blinking off mountains and taking mad amount of fall damage.
  4. FrozenAshes_

    August Voting Awards

    gotta be top 3 to be in the money ;)
  5. FrozenAshes_

    August Voting Awards

    3rd place woooohoooo
  6. FrozenAshes_

    Thank youuu.

    Thank youuu.
  7. FrozenAshes_

    Get your Forum Supporter Badges or Name Change here!

    Tier 3 please and thanks. :D gabizou
  8. FrozenAshes_

    Guide App: FrozenAshes_

    Thanks! :D