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  1. huntmoak

    Suggestion Cleric Ultimate

    I read some stuff about 15 min cd I thought i might offer a suggestion. Consecrate- (idk something holy) Stuns/Slows enemies in 10-15? blocks for 1-3 seconds dealing (if any) 80-100 damage, healing allies for 200 (these are just random numbers) and giving a buff lasting 10 seconds that upon...
  2. huntmoak

    Bug WindGale (Sorry if this is the wrong place)

    So Windgale has some conflicting information, The wiki says: Targets hit will be dealt X damage and knocked back based on your Wisdom. However, live server says it knocks back based on Intellect Which one is true?
  3. huntmoak

    Suggestion /Hub ?

    Currently, the only way to get into another world/server thing is by relogging. Sometimes I get this problem where when I disconnect, I can't reconnect to HC for some time, It just keeps pinging the server, but if there is a /hub command, this will make switching much more convient, and if...
  4. huntmoak

    Help me please.

    So I tried downloading the macro mod, and it works!! YAAAYY, but I also need optifine, or I run at 5-10fps. And for some reason I can't chain liteloader to it, as it doesn't detect optifine, any help? I'm on a mac btw, Thanks!
  5. huntmoak

    Old Master Titles

    So I remember something about mastering a class and receiving a title, bard was troubadour, and I can't remember the others. What happened to them?
  6. huntmoak

    Tour mute appeal

    IGN: huntmoak Muted by: @Angyles I believe? Sorry if I'm wrong. Time of mute: Um about a month before the Haven map....maybe? Channel: Tour Reason for mute: I was trolling this noob a bit, He asked "how do i master ninja" And even after telling him the correct answer repeatedly, I did the wrong...
  7. huntmoak

    Bug Bug..? Timeout/Can't reach server

    When I open my client, usually I can just connect to the server, but after every restart the server would show up in my server list as "Can't reach server" like if the connection times out. If i try to connect anyways, I time out. I have tried restarting my client, and have entered other...
  8. huntmoak

    Past Classes, and major changes to them

    I have heard about some classes that came before, I was unfortunate to not be able to play HC until this map, I would like to know the old classes, how they were before modern changes, etc. Consider this a place to release your nostalgia, and reminisce of the "Good ol' days" A list of their...
  9. huntmoak

    huntmoak's Application

    Minecraft In-game name: huntmoak Location & Age: Alabama, 16 Previous Bans from other Servers (If yes, explain where/when): Not for a real reason, my friend (owns a server, )he was trolling me. Referral(s):None How did you hear about Herocraft?: I played another /hero Server saw this one. Have...