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  1. huntmoak

    Newerth Prime - New and Old Players Welcome [Closed Recruitment]

    IGN: HuntmOooak Age:20 How long you have played Herocraft: Since Bastion Willing to use Discord: Yes Combat Class: Any healer + Bard + Pally + Beguiler Crafter Profession: Idk, enchanter maybe? Still crafter atm, usually I just fill Why do you wish to join our town?: Playing solo is spooky What...
  2. huntmoak

    Suggestion Bloodmage Suggestion

    What if thickenblood Filled up one or two more hunger each time the blood "pumped"? It would still drop to 0 but the next tick it might jump to 5 instead of 3, And about siphonblood not being a good kite ability, If it slowed for a small amount maybe 10-20% would that be ok? I only got BM to 24...
  3. huntmoak

    Top 10 worst PVPers

    Where is my scrub ass on this list? I am very upset. I work hard to suck this bad! And no appreciation for it? Rude...
  4. huntmoak

    Suggestion New Wizard Skill

    Need LOS for arcaneblast and heals, so it's pretty much just making them invulnerable except to AoE.
  5. huntmoak

    Suggestion Disciple Ultimate - Tornado Kick

    So lets say I'm knocked back but blink in while it is still active, would I be knocked back? Sounds kinda cool, Like janna ult! but cooler
  6. huntmoak

    Suggestion Beguiler Skill - Bait

    Horde + Bait = Fun
  7. huntmoak

    One word story

  8. huntmoak

    Suggestion Warden Class Suggestion

    Cleric Sacredtouch has 190 base, scales +4 per wis and has like 15 sec cd, But this class having a 300hp heal as an ultimate would be op?
  9. huntmoak

    Suggestion Cleric Ultimate

    I read some stuff about 15 min cd I thought i might offer a suggestion. Consecrate- (idk something holy) Stuns/Slows enemies in 10-15? blocks for 1-3 seconds dealing (if any) 80-100 damage, healing allies for 200 (these are just random numbers) and giving a buff lasting 10 seconds that upon...
  10. huntmoak

    Attribute Builds

    STR-4 CON-Q: END-九 AGI-12 INT- 5 WIS- 2+2=5 CHR- :kainzo: This build really capitalizes on everything Zo excels at, It takes care of the mana and stam isssues, and increases damage moderately. An overall nice build.