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  1. ruethian

    I miss Sanctum.

    Lol @iHazBryn tagged me and i happened to notice... so here I'm bored Sactum Whitelisted Dug hole near giant floating city (can't remember the name, not skyforge) @Brutalacerate found my hole, but was nice and didn't kill me left hole for the corner of the map used Zion portal to travel (was...
  2. ruethian


    As he sat at the bar he listened to the chatter flowing about the room. Gossip mostly, sightings of the outlaws that ambush from the trees in the north, rumors of an old power that was cast down in the past rising again, and rumblings about the new land that would soon be opened up for...
  3. ruethian

    ALERT SHOW US YOUR FACE! (if you dare)

    its 4-5% alcohol isn't it?... beer is the completed mixture i thought.... whatever
  4. ruethian

    Claiming structures

    But that would pretty much make all your time on the server spent running around and checking innactivities brutal. I dont see how the current system is so difficult. Find the sign with the owners name, /lastlogin them. If its over 2 weeks place a sign (neer the sign with their name or any...
  5. ruethian

    ALERT SHOW US YOUR FACE! (if you dare)

    only 12%? that must be pretty watered down beer for a noggin that size.
  6. ruethian

    ALERT SHOW US YOUR FACE! (if you dare)

    look at that huge empty head.... it still seems to be the same way today. :D
  7. ruethian

    ALERT SHOW US YOUR FACE! (if you dare)

    pfft barrel race.... I do reigning and cutting... well I use to until I went to college
  8. ruethian

    ALERT SHOW US YOUR FACE! (if you dare)

    I was in a show and trying to concentrate. like a 2 year old pic... not much change @strongholdx @strongholdx @strongholdx @strongholdx @strongholdx @strongholdx @strongholdx @strongholdx @strongholdx @strongholdx @strongholdx @strongholdx @strongholdx @strongholdx @strongholdx @strongholdx...
  9. ruethian

    Role-play practice [Forum RP]

    ((Are we suppose to RP in the inn to make it more story like?)) Shortly after the crazed guide rushed from the inn, a new patron arrived. He wore a black cloak with a green border that shrouded almost all of his features and his twinblades rested easily at his sides. He walked up to the bar...
  10. ruethian

    Planned towns?

    lol its not guna look like a moria or IF.... more of a marklarth as an entrance and a blackreach on the inside.