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    Twidger's Ban Appeal

    IGN: Twidger Banned by?: Kainzo Time of ban: June 10th 12:09 AM EST Reason for ban: cooldown Your story: I made a pe asking why I was muted, and was told I know why, and not to play dumb. I seriously don't know why I was muted, I know I was telling AdarlingEnchilada to calm down in offtopic, and...
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    In game name: Twidger Age: 18 Hero Paths/Specs: 44 Thief / 36 Merchant / 28 Alchemist Hero Levels: 23 Caster / 10 Engineer Mastered Specs/Paths: Warrior, Rogue, Healer , Disciple , Ninja , Ranger, Bard, Dragoon, Samurai Why you should be a Tree Creeper: I like to PvP A LOT and participate in...
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    MA Record

    I made it to round 30 today by myself, but ran out of arrows/bows
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    Dragongarde Trade District Shop Pricing

    May I purchase SS51? DrWhoCares hasn't been online for 16 days.
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    Dragongarde Trade District Shop Pricing

    *Shakes fist at Gunmoney321*
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    Dragongarde Trade District Shop Pricing

    May I purchase SS30? Deadalucard has been inactive for a a month now.
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    Veteran Title not Working

    Alright thanks
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    Veteran Title not Working

    The Veteran title isn't working for me, and tells me "You do not have that title, or it is not a prefix!". SO far I have tried: "/title prefix veteran" and "/title prefix Veteran", both over and over. Any help is appreciated. The title was given to me yesterday, February 19th.
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    Temporary increase to party size?

    Pretty much needed for epic 20 vs 20 raids
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    DOTA 2

    How is DOTA 2 compared to Dota (The WC3 custom game one). I played the original Dota, but never touched LoL, should I try it?