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  1. _AMPLiFY

    A new take on towns

    I know this topic comes up way too much for its own good, but I feel with a new map around the corner it is something the admins should consider. I personally feel that the best way to keep a strong community filled with frequent players is to have less towns. With less towns there will be...
  2. _AMPLiFY

    Chemistry Help

    Hey guys, I need some help for a chemistry problem for school :p Note** LEgal amount in Canada is 0.08% Thanks guys
  3. _AMPLiFY

    Weekly gallery - guys only :p (Clean)

    Sorry girls :p don't worry it's nothing bad. Check it out http://guystalk.net/weekly-gallery/ EDIT: I changed the format around to make it look a little more professional. I think it looks much better
  4. _AMPLiFY

    My First Long'ish' Article :p

    Hey guys I wrote an article comparing the XBOX 360 to the PS3 at http://guystalk.net/ps3-vs-xbox-360/ Tell me what you think, would love to hear your feedback :)
  5. _AMPLiFY

    Website Articles

    Hey everyone, I am currently developing a new website aimed toward male teens. We will have a section dedicated to video games that will include things like game reviews, news, best games of 2011, etc, etc. If you would like to contribute to my site feel free to message me with any comments...
  6. _AMPLiFY

    Bug Ore Glitch

    It seems that random ore glitch is occurring again.
  7. _AMPLiFY

    Suggestion New Landmarks and Landscape

    I think something that would make our current map better and maybe future worlds (sky, warshard, etc...) would be the addition of new physical features. Like the 7 wonders of Dragongarde so to say. These could include huge mountain ranges, waterfalls, volcanoes, valleys, and so much more. The...
  8. _AMPLiFY

    Architect App | _AMPLiFY

    Last Updated: 04/03/12 Architect App 1. IGN: _AMPLiFY 2. Position Applying for: Architect 3. Age | Timezone: 16 | EST 4. How long have you been on Herocraft: Probably around 10 months. 5. Why do you think you would make a good Architect? I feel that I could greatly benefit the...
  9. _AMPLiFY

    Lore & Role play Idea

    Hey guys, I've had this idea for a while now, I guess this is the best section for it. Anyways, all the people really into the lore/ role play aspects of SMP could start up a town and do role play (I guess thats how you say it :P ) For example, you could have a caste where the king or queen...
  10. _AMPLiFY

    I will be back :)

    Short Break I guess, I'm back :) ... kinda