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  1. DanielH101

    - Los Bandidos -

    I'd suggest mastering out at least 1 combat class and getting used to the whole PvP environment before applying.
  2. DanielH101

    Wizard build help

    I put 20 points into wisdom. Like any other caster, wizard runs out of mana pretty quick.
  3. DanielH101

    Bug Losing Connectiong Losing all items

    I got blown up by a creeper while lvling. When I respawned, neither my armour nor the item was holding remained in my inventory.
  4. DanielH101

    Bug Combat logging

    So apparently, you can log when combat tagged without dying. @VIzzirgrizzIV @Terrorwalker345
  5. DanielH101

    Bug Paladin Strike

    Happened to me as well when I was playing dragoon.
  6. DanielH101

    Bug Fireblast Bug fixes

    Hello, I'm pretty sure many of you know about the problems with fireblast, so I was actually quite surprised when I found out that no one had made a bug report about it. As you may know, fireblast is supposed to blast a location within 6 blocks from you. Damaging, and knocking back an enemy 3...
  7. DanielH101

    AEGIS Untrustworthy Players

    Jure997: Killed a few town members before looting the town and then leaving. Reference: @Ropsux @Nekokunai @joeyjojo60 @Raienbow_Dash @EveryothermemberofAincrad
  8. DanielH101

    Bug Auto attack weakening

    I recently noticed that at times, the damage of an auto-attack is reduced to 5. This happened when I was playing dragoon.
  9. DanielH101

    Yukari <3

    Yukari <3
  10. DanielH101

    [Town] Aria (34) *Aevum*

    In-Game Name: DanielH101 Age: 15 Whitelist Date (Approximate): 4 months ago One person you trust on the server: SadieCharlie Location (IRL): Hong Kong SAR China Why do you want to join us? Aria seems like a peaceful and friendly town, perfect for someone like me who wants nothing more but...