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  1. Diavolo1988


  2. Diavolo1988

    {Balcora Cove}

    Hi Alator, I would love to join Balcora Cove. I like the idea of a city built at an inlet, and it sounds like it will be town of people focused a lot on building.
  3. Diavolo1988

    On a work trip to Amsterdam so no Herocraft till the weekend.

    On a work trip to Amsterdam so no Herocraft till the weekend.
  4. Diavolo1988

    Atlantis | The Sunken City

    Hi, I would like to join Atlantis. I am returning to Herocraft after a long absence. My speciality is building, but I am also ok at infrastructure and defences. EDIT: nvm I found some other active people to join.
  5. Diavolo1988

    ALERT SHOW US YOUR FACE! (if you dare)

    Wow, Reakin is actually Will Wheaton with a beard :D
  6. Diavolo1988

    Herocraft on deviantART

    Wow, thornhollow looks freaking awesome!
  7. Diavolo1988

    [Capitol] [AD] Volantis - Recruiting!

    Ok, lately this thread has been for nothing else than people applying. Perhaps we should start discussing things here? I assume we got regions now? (don't have time to log in, got gf over) Should we start construction of the town and walls and such? It would be best in my opinion if the ones who...
  8. Diavolo1988

    Minecraft 1.7 info!

    Sounds like a fun patch. Cliffs sound nice.
  9. Diavolo1988

    Suggestion Lost Soul Changes

    point number three here will be good. if lost soul is better than a class, then that class will be shown to suck, and therefore need a buff. Still I do not think lost soul needs a buff.
  10. Diavolo1988

    Suggestion Reason's to kill

    j2gay, your idea sounds good. However, I don't think one should lose exp for killing a low level. The main reason for killing someone should be to get their loot. This server is certainly a PVP-server. However, it is also an RPG-server. In my impression Herocraft has been trying to become sort...