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Search results

  1. lokanxx

    Bug as td37

    as td37 has failed to give me perms after renting it
  2. lokanxx

    help with quick shops and town commands

    so is there anyone that has anything helpful to contribute?
  3. lokanxx

    Bug nether spawn Puts you in a hole

    when you use /spawn in the nether it puts you in a 2 block hole at -1, 0, 65
  4. lokanxx

    help with quick shops and town commands

    hmmm... well ok then.
  5. lokanxx

    help with quick shops and town commands

    first i would like to know if we are able to change the pricing on item in a shop that is already made? second i would like to know if there is a way to limit someone in your town from breaking blocks outside the assigned plot.
  6. lokanxx

    Suggestion quick shop

    i think there needs to be a separate bank for the quick shops like how there is one for the towns.
  7. lokanxx

    Get your Forum Supporter Badges or Name Change here!

    @Admins t5 pleas
  8. lokanxx

    The Merchant's Union

    i guess i don't understand what you hope to achieve here
  9. lokanxx

    The Merchant's Union

    non-merchant shops? what benefits do we gain by joining you?