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  1. _DipZ

    It's my dream to be TC.

    It's my dream to be TC.
  2. _DipZ

    11 lvl ups love it :D

    11 lvl ups love it :D
  3. _DipZ

    With the power from Beguiler :DD

    With the power from Beguiler :DD
  4. _DipZ

    [Capitol] [LO] Paragon [34] [Neutral] ☼-Recruiting-☼

    Application IGN:_DipZ Age:17 Time zone:West Eu /Germany What classes are you specializing into: AT the moment 60 Beguiler /20 Miner Do you have or use Teamspeak? Are you able to use it even without using a Mic: Yes How long have you been on HC: 3months Why do you want to join: I want...
  5. _DipZ

    Herocraft on deviantART

    what is this for a texturpack?
  6. _DipZ

    Inactive IkeBinZ

    I will miss you :(
  7. _DipZ

    My appliication

  8. _DipZ

    My appliication

    No, I play Minecraft 5 month Singleplayer and my friends say often play with us on Herocraft this server is the best.And now i cant wait to play Herocraft i see the wiki its so great
  9. _DipZ

    My appliication

    Sry i write it wrond if you want i can improve it. You can check it i have 0 bans
  10. _DipZ

    My appliication

    I dont have a ban i buy this account this week because my friends i never play a multiplayer server