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  1. Timothy

    Old Map Renders [Sanctum, Zeal, Dragongarde, Bastion]

    Besides the server being populated again, seeing the old maps is the only thing I wanted from here. I wanted to see my old faction's bases and the terrain.
  2. Timothy

    (Hamlet) Napton

    In-game Name?: godzilla890 Players Age: 13 Time Zone: Eastern Coast US & Canada (-5:00 GMT) Why do you wish to join Napton?: I know only very little about Herocraft, and I think that joining a town will further my knowlegde How did you hear about Napton?: I was running along a road, when I saw...
  3. Timothy

    Cobbledumperton:Newbie Starting Town(PVE)

    Should I re-apply or am I accepted when the map re-sets?
  4. Timothy

    Cobbledumperton:Newbie Starting Town(PVE)

    IGN | godzilla890 Age and Gender | 13; Male Location and Time Zone | East Coast US & Canada (-5:00 GMT) Do you have TeamSpeak and a mic | No; Yes What type of experience do you want | "A full Herocraft tutorial. Every... Little... Thing..." kind of experience, and Leveling experience Tell us...
  5. Timothy

    Herocraft Application

    That's Okay, I am almost 13 anyway. (#LateResponse)
  6. Timothy

    Herocraft Application

    NOTE: The app is listed as asked 1.godzilla890 2.New Jersey, 11 3.I remember 1 ban from Gazamo which was in the contest area, I couldn't see inside one build, so I clumsily broke a block and realized there were windows on the other end. (BAN) Promise wont happen to you guys. 4.I have reffered...