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  1. Matt5327

    Let's Play Vanilla Herocraft - a new youtube series

    Hey everyone, After the release of the 1.4 vanilla server, I found myself playing far more than usual. I decided to record myself an upload the results to youtube. As the series takes place on a Herocraft server, I thought everybody here would like to be the first to know. Current issues...
  2. Matt5327

    A Herocraft Theme Song

    I've noticed a lot of very old threads about a Herocraft theme song; however, all of them were about posting preexisting songs that may sound fitting. It is of my opinion that Herocraft, being amazing, deserves something written specifically for it. While by no means am I a master composer, I...
  3. Matt5327

    Herocraft Wallpapers

    On an off topic thread a few of us began to talk about having Herocraft wallpapers. Given that we were no longer off of the topic of Herocraft, I decided to make this thread here. Wallpapers can be anything Herocraft related, providing they are appropriate and follow all DH rules. Here are...