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  1. Kalkyte

    Fortune III AND Unbreaking III Diamond Pick Auction

    Starting at 600c. Minimum raise of 50c. Auction ends Sunday at 7 PM -7GMT. Lightly used - max of 50 uses. The bar is visually full.
  2. Kalkyte


    http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/36/20120129143541.png/ I got that error message when trying to use the /help command yesterday.
  3. Kalkyte


    Currently I cannot use iron bars (fence) into chainmail with a cauldron. However, Iron ingots and lava buckets works. Helmet = 5 iron ingots (bucket included since it gets destroyed) Chest = 7 Legs = 6 Feet = 4 As you can see it takes as much, or just under the amount of ingots it takes to...
  4. Kalkyte

    Wizards, Endermen and Nether Gates

    Wizards: So today I fought a wizard who rooted me, used bolt followed by a fireball and completely decimated me (a level 48 bard with a healing spell) in under 5 seconds. Basically the combination of rooting me (rendering me useless) with two very powerful spells with 100% chances of hitting me...
  5. Kalkyte


    I don't have proctor perms for whitelisting, nor do I have elite chat perms. LWCs: Cost me 500c. Groups: Proctor, T5 (that's it afaik).
  6. Kalkyte

    Town Wars

    This suggestion is primarily aimed to reduce raiding, and other forms of malicious PvP. I also want to provide a fun way to PvP that makes being in a town even more beneficial. To start a 'war' the creator of the town charter must challenge the other town to war. The other town must accept for...
  7. Kalkyte

    Mob Spawners

    Today, Brutal announced that all mob spawners will be removed later tonight. I am against this for the following reasons: Obviously, illegal spawners should be removed. 1. Some people work hard creating a spawner that is functional as well as legal. I don't think you should strip them of...
  8. Kalkyte

    One More Day

    In case you live under a rock Herocraft 3.0 is coming out tomorrow. I'm excited!!! Herocraft WOOO! Don't even mention a delay. Don't you dare...
  9. Kalkyte

    [Skill] for Thief

    This suggestion was prompted by the responses I received from my bounty hunting suggestion. For convenience here are the specs current skills: As you can see, the thief is a fairly diverse spec. They have two very unique skills; backstab and pickpocket. However, the rest is very uniform to...
  10. Kalkyte

    Profession: Bounty Hunter

    I have never liked how only one class can truly be a bounty hunter, ranger, for its track skill. Ranger doesn't appeal to me at all except for this one skill. While this suggestion is aimed to benefit me, and allow me to be the player I want to be, I am sure it will do the same for others...