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  1. GoldenBoy204420

    Suggestion Stormcaller max level ability suggestions

    Here are three suggestions for Stormcaller's ultimate. First is defence, second is offense/finisher, third is utility :) enjoy #! Nature's Child : You call out to nature for aid and X number of cave spiders appear and attack non-party members like it is night time. They last for X amount of...
  2. GoldenBoy204420

    WTS Potions and Lift Services (Engineer)

    Speed II 1 per 2s - Buy 27 for 50s, 4s savings Speed I 8 minutes 1 per 1.5s - Buy 27 for 35s. 5.5s savings Health I 1 per 2s -. Buy 27 for 50s. 4s savings Health II 1 per 3s -. Buy 27 for 70s. 11s savings 5s per lift. put in (excluding fiddling to have just right for the customer) 20s per hour...
  3. GoldenBoy204420

    Bug Level 66

    Hey I am now a level 66 Druid. voted and went from PVE to PvP and gained the legendary 66'th level.
  4. GoldenBoy204420

    Potions, Blaze Rods, Soul Sand, Red Sand, Mycelium, Blaze Powder!!!!!

    I create these items on demand. So place an order here and I will let you know when it will be ready. All Prices are final. Grab a calculator if you want to know the price for a specific amount. Trade District is where I do all trades. Amount Product...
  5. GoldenBoy204420

    Whitelist Application

    Minecraft In-game name: GoldenBoy204420 Location & Age: Manitoba, Canada. 29 Previous Bans from other Servers (If yes, explain where/when): None Referral(s)[Optional]: None. Love this server. It is just what I desire from Minecraft. Looking forward to joining a town. Have you voted for Herocraft...