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  1. simonh2000

    ALERT Herocraft: Rise of Atlas! (NEW MAP, NEW ERA)

    Damn, this actually sounds pretty nice.
  2. simonh2000

    ALERT Patch 8.6.0 - Nation Changes and Wars! --- Griefing changes! Jan 9th

    YYYYEEEESSSS!!!! This means no more junk structures in the wild!!
  3. simonh2000

    I am indeed wood.

    I am indeed wood.
  4. simonh2000

    ALERT Patch 8.4.0 - Citadel Dungeon Portals and Mastery Reduction!

    So, you're saying it costs money to enter dungeons now? Or is it that it either costs money or you have to find the portal? Seems kinda lame to me. Although, I logged out inside the Heavensgate nexus... Should I be scared I'll get suffocated next time I log in?
  5. simonh2000

    ALERT How did you hear about Herocraft?

    I don't remember very clearly how I found the server, as it was a while ago and I have TERRIBLE memory, but I'm pretty sure I heard that name somewhere, thought it was a mod, and googled it a few times.
  6. simonh2000

    ALERT Heavens Gate - The Battle Front of Souls

    Why don't you party up? If you do /chat LFG you can ask for people to group up for whatever dungeon you're in. If you're about lvl. 30, you could join a party to Ivory City and just grind the bridge for a while. i gained 7 levels today doing only that.
  7. simonh2000

    ALERT Heavens Gate - The Battle Front of Souls

    Really nice! The only problem I have is with Stoneflow Catellum. Well, you know how there are holes everywhere, and if you fall through, it's supposed to transport you back to the beginning? Well, if you're in combat, it doesn't TP you back. There's a small portal near the other side, but with...
  8. simonh2000

    ALERT Herocraft Launcher: Technic Modpack Available!

    Hey, when I tried to download the launcher for OSX, it told me that "This type of file can harm your computer. Do you want to keep TechnicLauncher.jar anyway?". What does it mean by that, do you know?