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  1. Sniper_O_Ireland

    BF3 Platoon {PS3}

    It is if your the ones sniping
  2. Sniper_O_Ireland

    [Hamlet] Camelot [25]

    I applied and I canceled my applications to paragon. Am I accepted?
  3. Sniper_O_Ireland

    [Hamlet] Camelot [25]

    I would like to live here. I meant to go cancel my application there but I'm doing it now.
  4. Sniper_O_Ireland

    BF3 Platoon {PS3}

    I'm either looking for a good BF3 platoon on PS3 thats full of pilots, snipers, and tankers. Either that or members for my platoon "Bring the Rain". The tag is BTR and currently its just me and i find that sad. No one can admire the cool emblem I made. My platoon is open to most. Must have a...
  5. Sniper_O_Ireland

    [Hamlet] Camelot [25]

    Name: Sniper_O_Ireland Age: 16 Minecraft Exp: August 2011 - present Herocraft Exp: About 2 weeks Spec or intended spec: Curently i'm a rogue and a crafter. I'm planning on being a ninja/engineer Current level: 5 rogue/7 crafter What do you like to do: (be honest, you'd be...
  6. Sniper_O_Ireland

    [Capitol] [LO] Paragon [34] [Neutral] ☼-Recruiting-☼

    IGN: Sniper_O_Ireland Age: 16 Time zone: Central US What class are you planning on playing: Ninja and engineer How long have you been on HC: one week Why do you want to join: Honestly my last town was terrible. I'm from Belegost like a few other people on here and I am dissatisfied as well...
  7. Sniper_O_Ireland

    Suggestion Cows are Extinct

    My friend and I have been looking for cows for quite some time and he has even been to the edge of the map looking for cows. Maybe once in a blue moon the cows should be repopulated because I believe they are extinct
  8. Sniper_O_Ireland

    Bug Problem with changing locations when log off and on.

    Well I've been having a strange problem ever since I joined the server. First off I was having terrible rubber banding at spawn. Secondly and more importantly I would log off and when I logged back on I would be where I was two or three minutes ago. This persists to now and my friend who...
  9. Sniper_O_Ireland

    [Hamlet] Belegost [62] [Neutral]

    IGN (In game name) -Sniper_O_Ireland Age/Time zone -16/Central US Referrals / How did you hear about us? -Cupcakes_o_death Why do you want to join Belegost? -because my friend Cupcakes is in it Any past towns you were citizen of? -No, new to the server What class/spec are you/planning to be...
  10. Sniper_O_Ireland

    The Very Formal Whitelist Application of Sniper_O_Ireland

    Additionally if you would like proof of my good standings in server communities or of my redstone accomplishments go to *Removed Server Name* and talk to someone. Also you will be able to see I'm the mayor of one of the largest towns on the server by the name of Athens. If no one is online to...